Saturday, March 14, 2015

Arthritis increases as weather decreases

Cold, damp weather seems to bring out the worst for people suffering from arthritis. Most doctors recommend daily doses of NSAIDS, but these carry dangers with them. The prescription drugs that are offered carry even worse side effects. Many people are wondering what they can do for themselves without having to waste time at the doctor, or take daily medications.

A raw food diet is a good place to start. Grains are especially well known for causing inflammation. In some people meat can be just as problematic. Both of them increase the acidity of the body. This causes inflammation and pain. Most people can have a little bit of meat if they make sure they also included plenty of alkalizing fruits and vegetables. Grains can’t be as easily overcome.

The lack of Vitamin D can make your joints hurt more. So can the lack of healthy fats. Many people don’t think of sulfur as a necessary nutrient, but if your joints are hurting it is a sign you may be deficient in this nutrient. Increasing you sulfur intake is easy if you make your own soups out of bones.  It also increases your collagen and keratin, both essential for healthy joints. Collagen restores elasticity to the joints, as well as reducing inflammation.

Magnesium is another nutrient to look at whenever you are hurting. Topical supplements don’t cause the cramps and bloating so often associated with oral supplements. You can get it in oil, gel, or lotion forms. In a pinch and Epsom salt bath is a good substitute. It is also very relaxing.
Don’t forget your turmeric. This herb is known to be extremely anti-inflammatory.

Astaxanthin is another supplement to consider. It also reduces inflammation throughout the body.
New research has linked a lack of good bacteria in the gut to an increase in rheumatoid arthritis.  You can increase your gut bacteria through oral supplementation and through eating fermented foods. You can even ferment your own foods. You can buy cultures from multiple sources. If you purchase fermented foods make sure they haven’t been pasteurized. When they do this they kill the bacteria before you get a chance to eat it.

It hurts to move, so the last thing you want to do is exercise, but that is exactly what you should be doing.  If you are overweight it is doubly important. Weight puts more strain on your joints, especially the weight bearing ones. But even if you are not overweight moving the joints will improve the lubrication in the joints, and make moving them easier. Start slow and work up even more slowly, but try to move the joints on a daily basis.

Sometimes ice seems to help an inflamed joint. At other times heat seems to bring about faster relief. 

Don’t be afraid to try either one.

Adjusting your body’s pH seems to work wonders for some. Something as simple as drinking (all at once) an 8oz glass of water mixed with a 1/2tsp of baking soda. Some of the relief comes from the baking soda, but it can also come from the water. There is a tendency in our world today to be dehydrated, and this can cause joint pain as well. Another way to adjust you pH is through Apple cider vinegar. Although this is an acid it makes the body less acidic. Kind of like fighting fire with fire.

There are many ways to find relief from arthritis, both immediate and long term. Think about trying some of them out before you reach for that bottle of NSAIDS or prescription medications.


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