Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cuckoo for coconuts

We're cuckoo for coconut oil!

cuckoo for coconut oil
Coconut oil is a good source of B vitamins, trace minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, electrolytes, and cytokinins. It aids health in many other ways, too: 
  • Coconut oil fights inflammation in your body. Chronic inflammation is a big culprit when it comes to disease and aging.
  • It balances blood glucose, which lowers your risk of metabolic disorders like diabetes.
  • It promotes better digestion. The enzymes in coconut oil feed the good bacteria in your gut, making your whole digestive system work better.
  • It’s good for your heart. It helps regulate blood pressure, promotes healthy circulation, and fights plaque build up in your arteries.
  • It’s even good for your kidneys and can help to prevent kidney stone formation and the development of urinary tract infections.
For a long time, coconut oil had a bad reputation. It's high in saturated fats, so it got lumped in with foods that contribute to heart disease. 

But nothing could be farther from the truth. Coconut oil has also been shown to:

  • It contains lauric acid, which your body can convert into a powerful antiviral and antibacterial compound that can even destroy the influenza virus.
  • The fats in coconut oil are easier for your body to break down than those in vegetable oils. So, switching from vegetable oil to coconut oil improves your digestion and helps your body use fat more efficiently.
  • Coconut oil gives you energy without causing your blood sugar to spike, and studies show that substituting coconut oil for vegetable oil can help prevent additional weight gain in people with diabetes and pre-diabetes.
  • Coconut oil stimulates the metabolism – making weight loss easier.

Coconut oil is the best oil to cook with. Most oils – even olive oil – become damaged when you heat them. The damage makes them more oxidative in your body – basically, the damaged oils can pass that damage along to your cells

Coconut oil can withstand high heat while still maintaining its beneficial properties. The best coconut oil in terms of health benefits is unrefined, often labeled "virgin" or "extra-virgin." The label will usually tell you how the oil was processed. Centrifugal processing generally produces the mildest coconut flavor. Expeller-pressed and cold-pressed coconut oils will usually have a bolder flavor.

If you're looking to use coconut oil without the coconut taste, choose a refined oil made with a chemical-free process – again check the label. You won't get as many of the health benefits, but refined coconut oil is still better for your heart and metabolism than traditional vegetable oils

Bonus: Coconut oil is great for your skin. Use it in place of lotion to soften skin and repair age damage

We love coconut oil. It's part of our everyday meal plan. A great source can be found here

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