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When we hear the term yeast infection most of us think of a vaginal problem that causes itching and a stinky discharge. This is only one possible location for the Candida Albicans bacteria to show up in the body. There are many people who have a systemic (throughout the body) infection of these bacteria and don’t even know it.

Health problems with a strong link to candida include:
•    Allergies
•    Cancer
•    Diabetes
•    Asthma,
•    Dermatitis
•    Celiac disease
•    Crohn’s  disease
•    Chronic Fatigue
•    Fibromyalgia
•    Irritable bowel
•    Depression
•    Schizophrenia
•    Bipolar Disorder
•    Athlete’s Foot
•    Hashimoto’s
•    Gas/Bloating

If you have any of these problems it is an indication that you also have a candida problem. We are not always sure which is the cart and which is the horse, but if you have one there is a huge chance you have the other as well.

All of us have a little bit of these bacteria at all times. It normally lives in our digestive tract and our bodies keep the numbers limited. Many things can happy that will allow these bacteria to grow and multiply out of control.


Whether the antibiotics come from a prescription, your food or your water the effect is the same. The Candida Albicans is a very hearty bacterium and can survive antibiotic levels that others (especially the good bacteria) can’t. Killing off the opposition is like arresting all the rival gang members. The candida gang starts growing out of control. Eating meats and dairy laced with antibiotics or water laced with fluoride can cause havoc with the delicate balance within your digestive tract.

Mercury Filings

By now most of us know that the mercury in our filings are seeping into our bodies.  The body thinks this is selenium, which is a mineral we need, and absorbs it into our tissues. When the good bacteria come in contact with this mercury it weakens or kills them. The candida bacteria begin to grow out of control, because they are resistant to mercury.


Sugar is the preferred food for the bacteria. The more sugar you consume the more likely you have a bacteria overgrowth. If stopping your sugar intake causes severe cravings you can almost guarantee that you have an overgrowth.  When we cut back on sugar the bacteria begin to die. The dying Candida releases 79 different toxins into our system. These are what cause the cravings.

What to do?

Besides staying away from the things that feed candida and/or kill the good bacteria there are some things you can do to speed you recovery.
•    Aloe Vera
•    Garlic
•    Clove Oil
•    Coconut Oil
•    Tea Tree Oil
•    Oregano Oil
•    Colloidal Silver
•    Olive extracts
•    Grapefruit Seed Extract
•    Cranberries
•    Apple Cider Vinegar
•    Probiotics
•    Homemade yogurt (no sugar or gelatin)
•    Water (1/2 your weight in pounds gives you ounces for the day)
Once you get the bacteria under control an overall healthy lifestyle is your best defense against its return.


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