Saturday, May 18, 2013

Breast Cancer

There has been a lot of talk lately about breast cancer. Angelina Jolie found out she had a genetic marker for breast cancer and announced to the world that she had both breast surgically removed to prevent her from getting breast cancer. If you don’t have breasts they can’t become cancerous. They also cannot feed a child nor do anything else they were intended to do. But has this really protected her from cancer, or just moved to another part of the body where she might not be as vigilant in watching?

You need to look at the cause of cancer. If you look to the media for information you will think that cancer is just bad luck or genetics, but that isn’t the truth. Cancer is a toxicity disease. Every time our cells encounter toxicity there is the possibility of mutation. Our immune system is designed to seek out and destroy those mutations. We get what we call cancer when there are more mutations than our immune system can destroy.

If you think of your genetic makeup as a piece of cloth there are weak and strong points in the cloth. The BRCA1 gene simply told Angelina that her breast tissue is one of her weak points. Her solution is to cut that portion out of the cloth. Now that cloth has a hole in it. The toxins are not going to happily slip through that hole and out of her body. They are going to accumulate in another part of the body.

Think about it. You live on the side of a hill in a beautiful house, with a swimming pool. One day raw sewage starts flowing down the hill and into your beautiful swimming pool. Do you simply get rid of the pool? Does that solve your problem? No, the sewage is going to simply start stacking up somewhere else. Any reasonable person is going to climb the hill and find out where the sewage is coming from. Then they are going to do everything they can to stop the sewage and to clean up what is already on their property.

We need to be a good property owner of our bodies. We need to look for sources of sewage in our lives and stop them. Where do we pick up sewage? It comes in many forms during our normal lifestyle. Eating foods that are genetically modified or covered in pesticides creates sewage. Eating food that is filled with hormones and antibiotics creates sewage. Eating and drinking from plastic containers creates sewage. Using chemicals on our hair, skin or nails creates sewage. Drinking chlorinated and fluoridated water creates sewage. Breathing polluted air, or smoking creates sewage. Living a stressful life creates sewage.

As you can see it is very difficult to avoid the sewage. Are we then simply doomed to have cancer? Many people believe we are. Others have found that if you give your body the tools that it needs it can clean up the sewage before it can do any damage. Think of a parade. If the pooper scooper is right behind the horse troupe, and if they are doing a good job, then none of the people marching behind the horses need to step in any poop. Our pooper scoopers come in several forms. They are called nutrients. Recent studies have shown that with the right nutrition we can keep our bodies clean.
One of these nutrients is known as Omega 3 fatty acids. When people hear that term they think of fish oil. Some people swear by a form known as krill oil. A krill is a tiny fish that lives in arctic waters. 

But, there are other ways to get your Omega 3’s. Flax seed is a plant source of Omega 3’s. Recent studies show that flax seeds can reduce breast cancer cells by 28%. This is after you have developed cancer! If we simply include some flax seeds in our daily living we have a good chance of avoiding the cancer in the first place. But, fish and flax are not the only sources of Omega 3’s. They have been found in meat and dairy. Organically grown meat and dairy have high rates of Omega 3’s instead of the Omega 6 fatty acids found in commercially grown meat and dairy.

B Vitamins have been shown to lower your risk of breast cancer. Part of this is due to their anti-inflammatory properties. They are also considered antioxidants.  B vitamins are found in leafy green vegetables and citrus fruits. Just make sure they are organic, and then they will have more of the good stuff, without the bad stuff.

Exercise is showing to be as important as nutrition in the prevention, and even in surviving cancer.  When it comes to women and breast cancer it is felt that exercise lowers the estrogen levels. Too much estrogen has had a strong link to cancer in numerous studies. Things that raise estrogen levels are soy products and plastics.

If you have not lived a clean life you will probably want to think about detoxifying your body. The Gerson Group has had wonderful success in treating cancer through an intensive program of detoxification and nutrition. There are numerous websites and books that can walk you through their system of colon hydrotherapy and coffee enemas that they link with specific juicing protocols.

What doesn’t work in preventing breast cancer is mammography. The concept of mammography is to locate the cancer early, but it doesn’t really work that way. Numerous women have had intensive treatment for cancer that they found out later wasn’t really there. In other cases the doctor’s realized the cancer had never been there, but didn’t tell the women. That isn’t the worst part. The radiation absorbed into the breast tissue actually causes cancer! If you are an ‘at risk’ woman who is told to start mammography early in life and are diligent to have it yearly you are almost certain to develop breast cancer. You are causing it with the radiation they are telling you will prevent it. Thermography does a better job of finding the cancer, without the risks.

The key to being cancer free is detoxification and fortification. You can think of it as cleaning up the sewage that has already come down the hill, and stopping any more from coming. In that way your body’s defenses can patrol the area and keep it clean of any additional sewage.


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