Thursday, October 11, 2012

Deadly back pain

When your back hurts you want relief. But relieving back pain shouldn't be life threatening. It's just that simple.

But now more than 100 people, what should have been a simple course of relief for their pain has now been linked to a fungal meningitis outbreak. Right now, eight people have died.

And we are told that SUPPLEMENTS are dangerous!

The number of people who have fallen ill with fungal meningitis after receiving steroid injections produced by the New England Compounding Center, Inc. has grown...and grown. Experts estimate that nearly 13,000 people may have been exposed to those contaminated lots. It is extremely likely that we will see the number of victims rise even higher in the coming weeks.

Yes there has been a recall (and doctors are being advised to avoid ALL products made by the company), but the damage is already done.

This is exactly why we are so passionate about changing the way we think about our health. When we're sick or in pain, drugs are the only way to go and "modern medicine" is the answer. But the risks of pharmaceutical drugs simply aren't worth keeping them on the front lines against disease and ailments. Especially since there are safe, natural options.

Was willow bark or accupuncture offered before they pulled out the syringe? Hard to say but I have my doubts.

We should stop the mainstream's war on natural medicine. When someone is harmed using a supplement or alternative treatment, there's a huge outcry against all natural medicine. But when over 100 people's lives are jeopardized by faulty steroids, it's called a "freak occurrence" and everyone looks the other way. Talk about a double standard.

Big Pharma has a stranglehold on our health and we should demand a new kind of health culture. A culture where doctors start with the safest option first rather than reaching for the prescription pad. A culture that we hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for proper testing and trials BEFORE unleashing harmful products on the population. A culture where we don't have to helplessly watch the death toll rise among people who just wanted to get rid of their back pain.

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